The University of Bamberg

The quality of life and beauty of the city of Bamberg are consistently rated among the highest in Germany, not just since the 1993 addition of the mediaeval cathedral city to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Image Bamberg A

Even at a glance, Bamberg's old quarters reveal the influence of centuries of academic life, and the university itself profits from the historic flair of the city centre.

Image Bamberg B

Historic buildings like the former Jesuit college and the Marcus-Haus at the Markusplatz, now home to the Humanities and Human Sciences and Education faculties, illustrate Bamberg's philosophy of the "Universität in der Stadt (University in the city)": in centuries-old Bamberg, the lively students that populate not only the lecture halls but also the numerous brewery taprooms, pubs, and beer gardens are an integral part of life in the city, not merely peripheral phenomena.

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